Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chocking Up Mileage...LSDs

Have begun to look at slowing increasing weekly mileage, albeit at a slower running pace. The objective is to spend time on the feet for conditioning of longer distances. Visited Edgedale Plains @ Ponggol, along Upper Serangoon and Sengkang, twice this week. I used to do this route in the wee hours of the morning...the traffic is high during the evening hours, though it gets a lot better once I get into the Sengkang stretch.

Monday: Did a 17km slow run from home to Sengkang/Ponggol area, via a rather heavy traffic area. Did not push hard....such runs are good for thinking and self reflection. However, with the many traffic junctions, I had to be alert throughout. Completed the run in 1.5hrs, excluding stops at traffic junctions. On the way back, bumped into Spinn3r...didn't realize he lives so close to me.

Tuesday: Went down to MF to do a easy route to The Esplanade. Its been quite time since we ran this. A smallish turnout..good to see long time kakis Cokiee and cfred...StarDust becoming a regular at MF, getting on well with the faster runners. Bev, myself, PS and Alber running for a fair stretch, at quite a respectable pace....hmm, need to slow down further for future training sessions if we are to make it through Sundown 84km. Went for Kway Chap @ ABC as just reward.

Wednesday: Because of dinner commitments on Thursday, and the lack of any organized run on Wed, I had to do another 17km to/fro Ponggol. The legs felt heavy for the 1st 5km, under the warm evening sun. Fortunately, put on a very light pair of Nike Katana...coupled with some slow-paced running, managed to get to the halfway point at Edgedale Plains feeling much better. The fuel belt of gatorade mix helped a fair bit. With the sun down, the return was much better and a second wind came at the 13km mark. Went back to some home-cooked chicken rice, with loads of chilli....yummy!

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