Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yuan Xiao Jie

Managed to find time to put in consecutive days of exercise this Yuan Xiao Week.

Sunday: Went to ECP for a short session of roller-bading...hmm, not really a workout...haha. Lots of nice 'scenery', but I was too focused on weaving the crowded lanes lah...haha.

Monday: 10km evening run around the estate. Don a heavy pair of Nike...really worked out my legs, and caused me to pant hard.

Tuesday: 13km run with the SAFRA MF Runners. A large turnout. StarDust and DeepCruiser joined us. Bev and I tried on the blink blink lights, and many

Wednesday: 10km run around the estate, this time donning a lighter pair of adizero. Someone honked at me midway, and was happy to see Kayano and his princess frantically waving. A big smile came to me as I waved back.

Thursday: Yuan Xiao Dinner with the family. No run! Lots of Makan! Happy RAT Year!

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