Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sundown Familiarization Run #2

Managed to convince Bev to join me for the Sundown Familiarization Run at Bedok Reservoir this morning. She had signed up for the 42km distance, and is looking forward to getting some good training runs in preparation for her maiden Full Marathon.

We were there early at Bedok Reservoir with DO, and saw just a few had gathered. Soon, Bee, Ronnie, Sotong, Ripley and the rest of the SgRunners came in. Woodstock was still fresh from her jubilant marathon in Tokyo. TLR gave a quick brief, and we started promptly at 7am. Phei Sunn came trotting in, just in time to join in the rather large gathering of about 40 or more runners.

The familiarization run took us through many of the Park Connectors, which all seemed to be linked, with a few overhead bridges to cross along the way. It was rather cooling in the morning, and I was just enjoying my run at the rear with Bev, Grace and PS, whilst keeping an eye up front for FeetOfFury to lead us the way to ECP. The aim for me was to do a LSD pace, and just spend time on my feet. At ECP, we turned towards the direction of the Canoe Club, and I ran with FOF most of the way. I son't particularly enjoy such flat terrain, and often find it a strain on my calves and hamstrings.

We reached the Canoe Club area where Sotong and Taz had already prepared cold endurance drinks, sponsored by HiVelocity....thanks guys! We spent a fair amount of time resting and stretching. On the U-Turn, I ran a short stretch with Lai Chee, and then saw Rosemary and her friends actually snacking on the, fuelling on the go....good training...haha. Vincent and Jancy who caught up with the main group halfway, was just ahead, and I decided to run along with V for a short stretch. V shared a bit about his running and injury history....he is still a strong runner, in spite of his recent busy schedule which allows him only 1 run a week. Further up along the connector, Hophling was limping slightly...inflamed ITB...walk/run routine.

Into the final connector, I caught up with Yankee, Brokie, Vanda and two other runners. The sun was already up, and the heat was making me thirsty and a tad tired. I decided not to do another loop of 4.3km around Bedok Reservoir....will leave that for another time. Took lots of endurance drink at the, real thirsty. Chatted with some of the new people, and gathered for group photos when everyone returned. Bev did a good run. I think we all did 25km, spending about 3hr on our feet. A good workout.

We drove to SAFRA Tampines to wash-up, then proceeded to nearby Bedok Corner Food Centre for my favourite Pork Rib noodles and soya bean drinks. We discussed about the requirements for the Sundown 84km runners, and finally laid down the Progressive Run Plan to help prepare ourselves for the 84km challenge. Looking forward to the first of the series in the first friday of March, beginning with 35km.

Distance: 25km__Time: 2hr45min__Pace: 6:36min/km

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