Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sundown Progressive Run #1: The Blink Blink Run

The Sundown: Blink Blink 13

It was the first night training run we had planned for the Sundown, to get those 84km-ers especially some conditioning and getting used to running at night into the early morning hours. I picked up DO and Prata, and reached ECP F2 carpark by 9.15pm. The group was already there...Brokie, StarDust, Biosynthesis, Cokiee, Kayano, Phei Sunn, Raven (the organizer), Sarah and 2 new SgRunners C.Yan and Nerrad. Many of us had our blink blink lights attached, with kayano checking to ensure all the lights were working.

A short chat with Cokiee's dad about a possible Tg. Pinang Run, followed by a group photo, a brief by Raven on the night's proceedings, and off the 13 of us headed along the MacD direction. Lots of chatter along the way, getting to know the newer ones, talking to strangers like the 'Boxer'Runner, all while attempting to maintain a 6:30min/km pace. StarDust was having a difficult time 'sweeping' and I thought he could not last too long in that position...hehe. There were lots of people out along the ECP beach, many roller-bladers easing along the well-lit smooth tarmac, and a noticeable number of police patrol cars.

The 'Boxer'Runner

We had planned to run all the way to The Esplanade, and then adopting a run/walk routine on the return. The night was humid, but DO and Kayano were getting very 'cool' in their 2XU running tights...can't wait to try out the ASICS one which DO help order for me. We went though Kallang, parts of Nicholl Highway, and then reached The Esplanade in about 2hr+. There was a 'happening' concert with loud music as we arrived...that perked us up a little. We went looking for the ice-cream van in vain....aiya, glycogen fuel running low. Another quick group photo, and we went back this time taking Marina Promenade, away from the heavy traffic.

Bumped into Bug en route Kallang, doing his ninja night run. We took a pit-stop at Kallang MacD for our carbo refuel, yummy ice-cream cones. C.Yan was keeping up the pace quite well, in spite of her low mileage. Brokie was all cozy with Ronald, lapping up her cone...haha. We took our first 5 minute walk break, as we licked our cones happily. By then, we had covered about 18km?
Running as a group with blink blink lights was quite fun, and we could see different blinking rates and variations of the lights....kept my mind off the boredom that was setting in. We were soon at Fort Road, after resuming our run. There were still roller-bladers, bikers and merry-makers at that time of about 12.30am. Just the bunch of us blinking runners doing our slow run...haha.

We took the second walk break just before MacD. We had leant quite a fir bit from this first night run. We decided that we should start the walk breaks early, have a proper fuel plan, and bring sufficient hydration at the next training run. Getting used to running past midnight and staying awake was another challenge. We again resumed our run after the 5-minute break, and did a 6:30min/km average to stop near Bedok Jetty, ending the night's run with a final 5-minute walk to F2. The legs did not feel that tired. although the mind was fatigued. Raven prepared lots of 100-plus or us, and as we drank and stretched under the moonlit night, we waited for Prata an C.Yan to stroll back after 25min.

It was shiok to take a COLD bath in the wee hours of the morning. Some yelps and shouts later, we were all nice and clean, ready for the Geylang Supper Rendevous. Since PS and Sarah left for home earlier, the remaining 11 of us went to Lor 9 for very nice Beef Hor Fun, Frog Leg Porridge and sinful Oyster Omelette. That was already 3am in the morning, and Geylang seemed a lot busier than before...even the smaller lorongs were bustling with! While we ate, we already laid down plans for the next Sundown Progressive Runs, The Prata Run and The dusty Run...looking forward :)

Distance: 30km__Time: 3hr50min__Pace: 6:30min/km

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At 2:42 PM, Blogger passion said...

wow~ sounds like another fast n furious run. dun think i'll b able 2 sustain e dist.
e supper menu does sounds WoWee! *drooling*

At 2:48 PM, Blogger zola said...

Dear runner friend,

I am from India. I just surfing for running in Singapore and found this fantastic challenging race of 84 km. May you please let me know about the timings of first 10 finishers in 2007.


- Arun, New Delhi, India


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