Saturday, April 05, 2008

Speedstar 3...I'll be waiting!

Just got a replacement for my old ASICS Speedstar, albeit same model, different colour...while waiting patiently for the launch and availability of the Speedstar 3 (ASICS Fall Range) later this year. Found a write-up and posting of a sneak preview of the Speed 3 on one of the online running forums.

Sneak Preview: Speedstar 3

From initial reviews: Speedstar 3 SSWWWEEEEEEET shoe! Msrp US$85 will retain same fit as the 2. Little overall changes occurring to the shoe, midsole remains same, tooling remains same. New outsole is a blown rubber instead of the old PU duosole for increased durability. Reduced overlays on the upper allow a more open feel.

My initial take is that the colour looks rather similar to the original yellow Speedstar, just that there are more black trimmings with laces. Good to hear that the wear and feel will be similar to the original version, and weight is about 9.4ounces, which some of the overseas runners were uncomfortable with. I will be looking forward to more reviews as the shoes become available in North America and the Asian markets.

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At 7:52 AM, Blogger Mark said...

HI Dream,

Where did you get your replacement speedstar 2? Any feedback on your run wearing the ds 13? The sizing for this model seems .5 cm shorter compared to my asics ds racer.


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