Sunday, April 06, 2008

Another HOT Run

Half expecting the morning to be sunny, I put on my new ASICS Biomorphic Compression tights to test the effectiveness of its 'cool' factor and sweat-wicking capabilities. Also put on my newly purchased old-model Speedstar for some run-in. A reasonable crowd turned up, and it seemed that more MF Runners are taking on the Sundown Marathon and Ultra-Marathon at end May. Angela shared a little about her South African ocean-ocean 56km Ultra-Marathon, and we began talking about the possibility of us doing the 90km Comrades Marathon one day.

Bug gave a brief of the 30km route, and away we went under heavy cloud cover. Chatted with Heng along Portsdown Road, and telling him to test out some lighter runners for good measure. Met an Ang Moh runner who was keen to join us for some Sundown training, and I told him to meet us at ClubHouse next week. I put on my zen stone for some pop music to set me up on a tempo along Dover Road, and then to NUS Guild House. Took a short break, and proceeded along Prince George's Park, and then turned left along some rolling hills, towards the NUS library. The sun was blazing down on us, and more water stops had to be made.

Spoke with Lai Chee about her Sundown chances and the attractive prizes on offer. Dawned on me that there might be not that many lady runners for the 84km distance....hmm, maybe should ask a few of them to bump up to that distance. We ran back out to PGP, and then turned towards South Buona Vista Road, and onto Pasir Panjang Road. Not wanting to do more slopes, I ventured into Labrador Park on my own for an additional 4km or so. The ASICS compression tights kept me cool and dry from the waist down, even with the sun beating furiously on me. I thought about getting a complete compression suit for long races....must start looking out for good discounts...hehe

Saw a few of the runners going up Mt. Faber for their loops, but I will give that a miss. Reached back to ClubHouse doing about 30km in 3hrs, including all the various stops. My legs felt ok, and I didn't feel too drained this morning. Had a good lunch discussion about our Sundown prep, and the upcoming 55km Dusty Run at NTU this Friday evening!

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