Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spoiler - heavy showers

I was all ready to do a early Saturday morning run with DO, but was woken by heavy thundery showers at about 3am. Couldn't get back to sleep, and read a book till 4.30am. The showers did not abate, and I sms'ed DO to cancel the run. The weather forecast showed that there would be more rain on Sundy morning...shucks.

Drove to ECP B1 with Bev in the evening to do our LSD, while the weather was dry. It was cloudy but real humid when we started in the direction of F2 and Changi Beach Park. We planned to do a 3hr run, and U-turn when we reached 1.5hrs. I put on my new 2XU long compression tights to test its capabilities. Put on some music, and more or less soaked in the sights. Lots of bikers, roller-bladers, runners, joggers, walkers, beach-goers and families around. Met some familiar faces along the way, and was late to respond to a few who called out to me...apologies if I did not acknowledge, I was really zoned in and did not look around at faces too much.

I took the PCN (Park Connector) route which led to the pathway along Changi Coastal Road. I U-turn after doing 1hr35min. Bev called to say she would turn back earlier as the place was getting dark. It was quite mental running alone on the flat surfaces, with the occasional bikers going by. Decided to listen to some inpirational stuff instead of music, and that got me pumped up for a bit. By the 2hr15min mark, my legs were feeling the strain...may be due to the depletion of glycogen, and that I had nothing other than gatorade mix. A pack of stylo gal bikers zoomed by and the leader called out to me...Eliza...exchanged greetings a little and away they zoomed off. I was feeling quite slow then.

I tried to pick up the pace a little to reach back to B1 earlier, but it was not easy. The crowd was thick at the MacD and Skateline areas, and a biker nearly crashed into me, with her screaming... ARGHHH....haha....scary lah. Saw Big Splash and I knew it was near. Reached back to B1 in 3hr15min. I reckoned it was about 30km, averaging 6:30min/km pace. It was a hard workout, but at least we completed the weekend LSD. It was close to 9pm, and we soaked in the atmosphere of the quiet and moonlit night.

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At 11:21 PM, Blogger PS said...

So romantic! Basking under the stars after a hard run. :) Bev has improved so much, I'm sure she'll do very well for her 1st marathon.


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