Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day happenings

Woke up abruptly at 6.30am by a phone call. I couldn't get back to sleep and decided to go for a run instead. The weather was still humid, and the sky looked gloomy. Quickly got changed, grabbed a coffee, and off I went...Bev said she would join me shortly. Put on my cap, Zen Stone and away I started with a warm-up pace, along Lorong Ah Soo.

The sky looked clearer as I entered the Serangoon Park Connector. The FM reception on the Zen was quite poor on the run, and I switched to playlists. As I entered the Connector, I bumped into TeeLee...heh, long time no see....TL decided to run along with me towards SengKang. We had a nice chat along the way, talking about the forum, the HSP group, the Ponggol Central Runners, Sundown and SCSM prep, and many of the old running kakis and new members. We turned at Edgefield area, and turned back. Midway, I spotted Bev running towards SengKang and shouted across the great divide...haha.

TL and I continued to run back along the Serangoon Connector, and when we reached the Mosque, TL and I parted ways, and I proceeded to get into Surin Ave, and ran along Serangoon Road, Braddel Road. Completed the run on 2hrs, estimated to be 19km. The weather was very nice, with large clouds, but the temperature was still unbearably warm.

Later in the afternoon, the bunch of us visited xdd and tktan's 'love nest' for a house-warming. Enjoyed lots of yummilicious food, especially the chicken curry from Andy. We discussed lots about the support table for Sundown Marathon, and has set a date for final carbo-loading on May 30. Took a tour of the facilities....nice 'pool island' concept, with a rather cozy gym to complement.

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