Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pre-Ultra Intervals

Found some time to join the SAFRA MF gang for their menu this evening....yeah, intervals. It has been some time since I went to Queenstown Stadium for some laps, and after the hard ground I experienced during Saturday night's Sundown run, I felt my feet deserved some pampering on the bitumen track :).

A turnout of about 3o. We began the customary 4km warm-up run from ClubHouse to Queenstown Stadium. I had a chance to try the new DS Trainer and she performed like a charm. However, the evening was humid, warm and without any wind, just like the previous few nights. Once at the Stadium, we were briefed by Trainer Ong to do 5 sets of 1.2km each, with 4min 400m laps reasonable averages for all. I warmed up in the first lap with a 5:50min time. A short rest, and then the next lap in 5:40min, then the 3rd lap in 5:23min.

Because of the extremely warm weather, and many of the runners perspiring profusely, Trainer Ong and Chairman advised all to take a water break, and then to end the night with just 1 more lap to make it 4. Since it was the final lap, I just let loose, and played a game of catch up....completed the final set in 4:50min. I enjoyed the interval run this evening....mainly because they were longer 1.2km sets, and the pace set was reasonable. A slow jog back of 4km completed the warm night of training.

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