Thursday, August 24, 2006

Final Tapering Run....Really, Really :)

Richy called me in the morning to ask about the location of SAFRA MF. He had come all the way from HK to do the AHM run, and I was looking forward to have a short pre-race run with him to warm him up a little :). I almost could not make it as I was having long meetings today, but fortunately managed to rush down MF in time. When I reached MF, DO had already shown Richy the changing place.

There was a smaller crowd at MF this evening, about 20 odd, possibly resting ahead of Sunday's AHM. cm made a intro of Richard to the club members, and we started off nicely for our 9km final tapering run for the week. Bug, DO, Teck Hou, Jimmy were running alongside Richy and chatting. As we entered in Labrador, we explained to Richy about the nice scenic place we were running, a popular lovers' haunt, but also a upcoming tourist attraction. We enjoyed 2 loops round Labrador Park, before exiting and picking pace a little. The final 2-3km back to the ClubHouse was fun, as I paced Richy all the way, up the 'Demoralizing' slopes of Henderson Road..hee. It was a nice workout to end the training week. Now we just have to 'tahan' no running for the next 2 days, and start carbo-loading a little on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. I still hope to get some sleep in these final 2 days.

Distance Ran: 8km__Time Taken: 39min__Pace: 4:53min/km

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