Thursday, August 31, 2006


Interval training was on the menu this evening, which is not usual for a recovery training week. However, the SAFRA trainers wanted to give those runners who are doing the Public Service Run next week some sustained workout. I joined in the fun, and ran along with the group to Queenstown Stadium. There was a large group of footballers this evening, and we would have to run round them at the final turn of the 400m track.

I took a steady pace for the 1st set of 1.6km. Took the first 2 laps relatively easy, and started to pick up pace in the 3rd lap, and speeding up in the last lap. Completed in 6min30sec. Did the next 2 sets of 800m each, targeting to run below 3min30sec on average. I rested for the 3rd set of 800m, and only joined in for the final burst at the last set, breaking 3min :)
4km warm-up run deom ClubHouse to Queenstown Stadium
1st set of 1.6km @ 6min30sec
2nd set of 800m @ 3min13sec
3rd set of 800m @ 3min18sec
skipped 4th set of 800m
5th set of 800m @ 2min58sec
4km slow job back to ClubHouse

Total Distance Ran: 12km

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