Monday, August 07, 2006

in a patriotic mood...

With National Day just 2 days away, there are already a couple of runs lined up to cater to all the enthusiatic runners who would like to celebrate the nation's birthday with a RUN... I myself will go for the SGRunners' New Bug Really Run (NBRR) or otherwise in my mind aka National Birthday Remembrance Run (NBRR)...hah!!

...there was a time when no one believed in Sg Forum, but we did
...there was a time when there was no forum, we survived
...we are runners, seow and free
...running hand in hand, in total harmony

...this is my running, this is my love
...this is my hobby, this is my life
...this is my family, these are my kakis
...we are run..ners, marathon...ers Razz Laughing

We are Singapore...Singaporeans !!!

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At 12:52 PM, Blogger The Cheery Runner said...

wow very well written!! shld send in for Runners Song Competition!! :D


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