Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The few days to Mt. Kinabalu recce

This week was a slow week as I am preparing for the Mt. Kinabalu recce trip. Will leave on Thursday noon for Sabah, and by the time we reach base camp, it will be in the evening. We will be attempting a climb up to Laban Rata on Friday, and if all is well, a climb on Saturday all the way to Lowe's Peak. The pace will be slow and steady as we will be learning about the environment and obstacles along the climb. We will be back on Sunday.

Monday 17/07: Did a final stairs climb training before we head off to MK this Thursday. I did 10 sets of Bishan 30 floors. I did most of it 2-steps at a time to simulate actual MK steps. The steps at this Bishan Block is higher than those at Toa Payoh's 40-storey flats; just ideal for MK step-training. Completed the 300 floors in 1hr15min...really a good workout. I downed 2 bottles of Gatorade on the way.
Floors Climbed: 300___Time Taken: 1hr30min

Tuesday 18/07: As quite a number of SAFRA MF runners including cm and trainer Ong are still in Thailand, we had Wong and Chua lead us for a flat route run this evening. The SAFRA MF Runners did very well at the Pattaya Marathon with the majority clocking sub-4hr marathons, and one doing 3hr16min....possibly the best ever marathon timing by a SAFRA Runner in recent years.

There were a few new runners this evening, and I spent some time chatting with them. We ran along depot road to Canterbury Estate and then to Labrador Park, where I took 2 800m loops. I did a fast pace in Caterbury Estates, possibly 4:45min/km for the 5km loop, and then slowed to about 5min/km when I exited Canterbury and went into Labrador. It was a warm and humid night, but I still had a very good workout.
Distance Ran: 13.8km___Time Taken: 1hr15min___Pace: 5:26min/km

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