Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lots of Shapes and Eye Candy

SgRunners babes @ The SHAPE Run

Took some time out this lazy Sunday morning to be pom pom team to support runners doing the inaugural SHAPE run. A women's only run which attracted 2,500 women runners was a first in Singapore. I was there with a mission, to pace Beverly for her 5km run, hopefully to do her PB of 35min+, and if possible, to break the 30min barrier. I also took the opportunity to give my SgRunners, SAFRA Running Club, Animiles, MR25 running friends some moral support, and cheers.

Went to the Esplanade and saw TLV (TeeLee's Van) coming in with the shwe babes and pompom boys. We walked up to The Esplanade Food Street to meet up with more running babes of SgRunners as planned...great to meet Spiffy, bbmon, Divey, Bee, Brokie, leh-lio gal, meteor, daisiki, bikerchic, and many more many colors, so many shapes....naturally lots of cameras were whipped out and lots of candid shots were taken. When it was time for the gals to move to the start point, the pompom team went about to do their work and moved to the start point to standby. I met also the RGB gals and Micheele from VPR, and wished them good luck. The 10km race started off promptly, with VT springing into the lead. bbmon was not too far behind, then brokie and the rest, then Bee, then I saw Tong Ling, Shirlyn, Sagolene and many more whipped by....whoosh.

I proceeded to walk up 500m and stood by as the 5km race started off. The SgRunners pom pom team of Superboy, Alvo, Cheow12, kops21, Tiwazz, nemo, teelee, cfred, cyberkinetic, cosmic, dasher, Shutehelup, tekko, renohtaram, hedgehog were gathered ahead ready to do their cheerleading stuff..hehe. Spotted Beverly and I started to run alongside, from the pavement. I ran throughout the 5km pacing her, reminding her about breathing and cadence, as well as telling her the remaining distance. I saw IMD midway, and pointed to him who to shoot...heh. It was a steady run for Bev, and with 1km to go, I pushed her to go for the sub-30min mark....she eventually made it at, PB...haha. I then proceeded to the front, and saw VT and the rest of the 10km runners finishing. I cheered for many of the familiar faces, and ran a short stretch with bbmon, who finished 6th in 43min...good timing. VT finished first in 39min. I saw many more familiar faces coming in, and cheered them as I called out...more 5km runners bambi, Roo, Michelle, Golden Retriever, molly (tekko's MHA), yuujinya ....the 10km runners Rhoda, bbmon, anna, charmaine, run3, charmaine, irene, sumiko, leh-lio, brokie, hyperactive, roonz, Tong Ling, spiffy, Sagolene, Shirlyn, charlotte, bikerchic, tooty, Bee, kickjazz, Divey, Shamrock, xsuanjing, penguin, JT, violet, daisiki, SAFRA Karen, yean....many more which I either missed or cannot recall. It was fun and I was joined by cfred as we both clapped and cheered. We were quite loud, and attracted a bit of attention of the TV crew...hehe.

A Dream Finish

When all had come back, we settled to get some drinks, and rewarded ourselves with yummy durian ice-cream...thanks to Cheow12. All the girls did very well to complete in fine form, as evident from the smiles of satisfaction from their faces. We all proceeded back to the meeting point at The Esplanade Food Street to have some nice group photos against the nice riverside backdrop. The certificate and goodie collection was really a long queue, and while waiting, we all gathered at the Marina Square Food Court for very nice coffee and re-fuelling...I felt quite hungry, and had a Korean Ramen....hmm, yummy. The wait for the goodie bag was well worth the wait and there were a ton of stuff in there, and timings were immediately printed on the certs. I met up with a few familiar faces like MR25's Lim Teck Heng, a few SAFRA Runners, and some friends, seems like many of the gals I know were at the SHAPE run...shhhh...haha. Beverly was quite happy with her timing, and she was thankful she didn;t have to run for too long in that hot sun :). It was a fun event for me, and the 5km run was shiokzzz, as that must have been a dream run for me, running alongside so many shwe gals and babes.

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