Friday, July 07, 2006

My many different running groups...

I virtually don't run nor train alone anymore. I enjoy running with a group of like-minded people who enjoy distance running, and have common topics like races, shoes, running gear, etc to chat about..:). I am already a member of the SAFRA Running Club, MR25 Runners, SgRunners, NTUC MK Climbathon Team, and will soon be a member of PaceSetters Club in KL, Malaysia. The benefit for me is being able to tap on the training and support for running from the various Clubs, as well as the many good friends and running mates I have made. This week represents a typical running schedule where I have runs with a few of these running groups:

Monday 03/07: Did stairs climbing training with the MK team. I ran from home to Bishan St 24, a 4km jog to meet up with Hamidah and the team. Hamidah briefed a little about the upcoming MK recee trip, and it is certain we will not be making an ascent for this round. Our future MK training will focus on just stairs climbing...yikes, boring stuff, but I guess there is not really a choice...since Mt. Kinabalu is made up mainly of undulating steps.... stairs climbing will be a major feature of the race. I tried on my Montrail Sustina for the stairs. I did slightly over an hour of stairs up the 30-floor HDB block at Roland's place. I took it easier this evening to simulate the long endurance climb, but still it worked my quads real hard. Ran back home, with DO joining me for about 3km of the journey. Hmm, have to bring bananas for the next stairs climb, if I am doing more than 300 floors :)

Tuesday 04/07: Took some time out to join the SgRunners CBD run. There was a big group of 30+ runners, many whom I have not met face-face though we have corresponded in the SgRunners Forum. It was nice to meet and catch up with the familiar faces too, Sotong, Bee, Balasing, Cokiee, Superboy, Jamessoh and many others whom I have not met for some time. The new members to the group were an interesting bunch...Andy, nemo, Roonz, KickJazz, JT, Shut, aichai, Tin Tin, rayner, ham et al... actually, I was the one new to them as they were considered the 'veterans' of the CBD run liaozzz. We took a nice 9.5km route into Marina South, all the way to the new Pier. Divey who was still nursing her injury, along with taz and a few others took the 6.5km route. It was nice as we ran along, and moving to touch base with the various groups running at different pace...sometimes pacing them for a bit, sometimes racing a little...a bit of fartlek training yah...haha.

After a short break at the Pier, we proceeded to the Victor's Bowl (or also known as Steamboat) area. DO and I had broken away from the front group as we wanted to do an extra loop around the area, making it more or less 12km. We ran back exiting from the Prince Edward Road side, and reached back just nicely to meet the various runners finishing their runs too. I had a nice time chatting with the new people, and also joined in the Birthday celebrations of Andy.. a nice piece of chocolate cake...pretty sinful though *burp*. As I had to get home earlier, I went off with DO and Divey first. A nice outing for me, a good break from the training runs and stairs climb I have been doing recently. Looking forward to another nice run with the group at Botanic Gardens this Sunday.
Distace Ran: 12km___Time Taken: 1hr06min___Pace: 5:30min/km

Thursday 05/07: Went down to SAFRA MF to try out the new SAFRA Running vest for year 2006-2007. The vest this time is very nice, Black with Orange sides. Shamrock whom I've not seen for a while also went down for the vest. Thanks to Edmund from SAFRA TP who brought the vests down for us to try, and thanks for our SAFRA MF Chairman, Thiam Huat for having the foresight to stock up some for us. I got mine on the spot.

The new SAFRA Running vest

I did a 13km run covering MF Clubhouse -> Henderson Rd -> Tiong Bahru Park -> Delta Canal -> Ridley Park -> Holland Rd -> Margaret Drive -> Delta Canal -> Tiong Bahru Park -> Henderson Rd -> MF Clubhouse. Had a fine time for the first half of the run chatting with the various runners, Jaime, Uncle Lim, 2 new runners, Colleen, and a few more. Uncle Lim is already thinking about his second full marathon after the Phuket one :). I picked up pace along the Ridley Park area, and ran mostly alone up to Margaret Drive where DO and I met up and paced each other. We waited for the rest at the junction back to Delta Canal, and watched cfred, small Chua and another new runner run past. First time I saw cfred running...hmm, he has good running form, potentially a good distance runner in no time. When sh and Colleen came, DO and I ran along with them all the way back to MF ClubHouse. Jaime felt out of sorts, cramping up at the ClubHouse...probably she was dehydrated and had 'hit the wall' of sorts...after some massages, and resting, she eventually made it to the hawker centre. She looked well...Hope she has recovered fully by now. Its good to have something to eat 1-2hours before any run longer than 10km, and hydration is always necessary during runs.
Distance Ran: 13km___Time Taken: 1hr08min___Pace: 5:14min/km

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