Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2nd World Harmony Run 2006

I recall with fond memories and a sense of satisfaction the World Harmony Run I was a part of in March 2006. Read my Field Report for some of that day's events and happenings.

There is a second World Harmony Run this year to coincide with Racial Harmony Day. A very worthy cause, which I hope I can be a part of again. In fact, I am getting another whr T-Shirt to show some support for the event, since I might not be able to run the full route on the day...

Event: World Harmony Run on Racial Harmony Day
co organised by: All the Community Development
Councils and World Harmony Run, International.
Sponsored By CDC of Singapore
date : 15 July ( Sat)
start point : Gombak Sports Stadium
end point: Asian Civilisations Museum
distance: 25km (pls see attachments for details)
pace : 7.5minutes /km
a chartered bus will act as support for runners who need to take a break
Duration: about 5 hours.
Nos. of runners needed : 70

I would encourage all those who have some spare time to join in this meaningful run, especially those who have not yet had a chance to partake in any WHR runs. The group this time will be the largest in Singapore, 70 runners required... I wish whr and team all the best for this run, and may the force and elements be with you, WHRunners and SgRunners!

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