Sunday, September 10, 2006

SAFRA Tampines Location Run

We had the SAFRA Mt. Faber Location run in March this year. And today was SAFRA Tampines' turn to organize one. This time, we would start from SAFRA Yishun, run along the scenic Yishun Dam, the soon-to-be-closed-for-renovations Selatar Air Base, and back for a nice 15km distance. The turnout of 80+ runners from the 3 SAFRA Running Clubs was large by any standards. On top of the SAFRA Running friends, we also had Jancy, Vincent and Benny join us for this run.

As I had just done the 10km Public Service Run yesterday, I decided to start slower in the beginning. Had a short chat with Peter about golf...huh? haha... xsuanjing who had signed up for the full marathon at SCSM06...kudos to her... Akira who is back with training for his 42km at SCSM. After about 2km, saw Cokiee, and decided to run along with him. This young man packed a good pace, despite restoring to his natural weight (which takes a lot more to carry)... As we ran along the dam, the usual crowd of people looking at fishes to buy (there were large ones this time) provided a good conversation piece for us. Teck Hou, Ong and Jaime were running very easy this morning, likely doing their recovery run. Reached the 5km point, and was glad to get water from David Shum...the sun was shining brightly, and we were running in unsheltered territory all the way around Seletar Airbase, and to the Church for a toilet break.

Cokiee, Brokie and myself took a much needed break at the Church, before proceeding into Seletar Airbase. Suprisingly, there were few stops, quite atypical of SAFRA Location Runs. All were in the mood to keep going. As we ran along the narrow road at Seletar Airbase, the sun was shining brightly, but the winds this morning were pretty cooling. It was a nice stretch of run there, as we had some good conversations about preparations for SCSM at the end of the year. The whole stretch of SAFRA Runners was really a sight to behold. We were runnning in the sun throughout, and all who survived this run had some good conditioning in them...good runners all of them. Reached back to the water point manned by David Shum and Vincent, and collected my final bottle of water, before running ahead to complete the remaining 5km. Just 400km before turning back to SAFRA ClubHouse, I saw DO and Shirleen cheering the runners on, and I joined them for a bit.

Ran back to the ClubHouse after Vincent, Brokie and Cokiee had passed. We did a nice cool-down session led by David Shum, had very nice 'Ice Packet - Serng Pao?' and a packet of Nasi Lemak...yummy! Chatted and mingled with the many SAFRA friends...such occasions are really nice for catching up among the running members of the 3 Clubs. After the wash-up, we proceeded to the nearby Food Centre and continued the interesting chats over more food and drinks...and about 11am, the rains came...Phew! Timing was just great for us. Another interesting and enjoyable SAFRA Location Run!

Distance Ran: 15km__Time Taken: 1hr30min__Pace: 6min/km

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At 1:02 AM, Blogger BabyMonster said...

Wow DReam, Seem like i missed out alot of FUN! i think u r progressing very well in ur run..KEep it up and all the best!!!

At 9:08 AM, Blogger The Dream Runner said...

I am indeed having fun with the runs, though improvements are really not that much, compared with many of you...

I know you are having lots of serious training now, and it may not be a good time for you to have fun runs...hehe, but still, we hope you can 'pop in' once in a while to visit and run with us :))


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