Saturday, September 16, 2006

AniMILES run for SCSM06

After a short break, we were back at the AniMILES run this morning, to begin preparations for the year-end StanChart Marathon. Because of the many events happening both locally and across the Causeway, we had a smaller group of SgRunners do the run today...DO, Cheow12, RealRunner, Bug, Cokiee and myself...mainly the die-hard runners....hehe. We started off with Vivian, anna, and the rest of the regular AniMILES runners, and soon they disappared into the horizon, leaving some smoke and dust behind...:).

The plan was to take a LSD pace today, and I brought along my HRM for good measure. It was cool, but humid....there was a light rain, but there's still lots of moisture in the air. We chatted about last evening's sending-off dinner, and also about next week's Demoralizing Run. We took the turn from UTR to Maindai track, and then to Seletar Reservoir toilet for a short break. After the break, DO, Cheow12 and I were running together mostly from Mandai Rd all the way to the Zoo. I took the opportunity to try out my new Gu Gels (Chocolate)...and in my opinion, they tasted nice...much better than the PowerGel choco flavour, and the texture was smoother too...hmm,, must buy more of them as they are cheaper too :).

On the return back, I decided to take the straight road up to UTR, rather than go back along the Seletar Reservoir way. The road felt much longer today. My HR was in th 150+ region, but my lgs were feeling a little tired. I consciously used my quads with more leg-lifts, hoping to give my calves some rest, less they cramp up. It did work quite well. I saw Bug coming out from Mandai track,...he must have gone the extra 500m along Seletar Reservoir way. Soon I was on the home stretch along OUTR, and with the final ascent of the slope, I recovered and maintained a steady 5min/km pace to the finish. Took 2hr25min for the approx 27.5km. The rest of them soon came back, and we all had HL Choco Milk to recover...haha, quite funny...all of them heard me mention HL Choco Milk in th past, and they too wanted to try it...I hope they likd it and find it as usful as I have so far :). Cokiee which went for a 'serious bombing' mission came back after we had bathed, and he completed 24km...good job. We all had noodles as we were famished, and I took another 'Milo Peng'. It was a good run for all, and we all look forward to next Sunday's Demoralizing Run :).

Distance: 27.5km__Time: 2hr25min__Pace: 5:16min/km

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