Friday, October 06, 2006

Short recovery runs

The quads and calves ached the following few days after the Climbathon. I have experienced this during the July prelims/recce trip. I have not really run for about a week since last Wednesday, and was looking for a chance to get some short runs in to restart the engine.

Managed to jio DO to run a short, slow one at SAFRA MF on Tuesday evening. His legs were just as bad as mine, aching very badly. The mf runners were doing MF Hill repeats, which we were definitely not ready to do. We did a very yslow paced run into Canterbury Estates, then a loop at Labrador Park, before heading back to ClubHouse. Though the pace was slow, it was good to get the circulation going, to clear off lactic acid in the body.

Joined the adiRUN on Wed evening. Went to Nike BIRD to collect the Runaholics card, and it was quite a hassle. We did a short distance of 8km plus this evening, running along The Esplanade to Clarke Quay and then to Kim Seng Bridge area, before turning back. Fennel and joao_li ran at a quick pace, and I followed along just to get a good workout. It was great, after having slacked for a few days. The legs were still achy, but I could sustain the pace. At Kim Seng Bridge, I ran back to keep pace with Beverly, and we ran together all the way back to the Esplanade area. Beverly ran a good pace, and we were never far from Meteor nor Brokie. We did the 8.2km run in about 46min, quite a decent timing. After the run, we met the MR25 people like Sumiko, JJ, Vincent and president Stephen Lee at the Nike Bird shop. They were there to plan for the start of the Nike series of runs for the Runaholics this Sunday at ECP. A few of us will be joining in the run, but not before doing our own additional distance prior to the 10km run.

Did a 16km run with SAFRA MF on thursday evening. On my way to ClubHouse, I noticed that the skies were very hazy. There was a large turnout, about 30, not surprising since SCSM06 was fast approaching. We started off towards Tiong Bahru Park, and then to Delta Canal. My left calf was still tight and sore, whilst the rest of my legs felt not too bad. As we ran along the Canal, the air was bad, and I didn't move too fast. Teck Hou, Hock Soon, Colleen and a few others were leading the way. Trainer Ong was at the rear, looking after new runners. Ran through serene Ridley Park, and then through the old CMPB and into Botanic Gardens (by the side entrance). We gathered at the toilets for a break, before moving off along Farrer Road and then turning into the 'Demoralizing' Margaret Road stretch. I picked up pace a little, and ran alongside Colleen, Chin Huat, and 2 others. The air was realy bad, and I could feel my eyes 'drying'. I recalled that on Tuesday night, my eyes were 'red' from the dryness of the then less hazy air. Along Delta Canal back, Colleen was chatting about the importance of core strength for running, while we were increasing cadence while shortening strides. I finished off the 15km distance in about 1hr35min, including water stops, and breaks waiting for runners. It was a 'breathless' run for me, and the rest of the runners agreed that the air was really quite bad. My eyes felt very dry, and it twitched the whole night through to the next morning...hmm.

Trainer Ong has planned for a 30km LSD this Sunday at the East Coast Parkway. I will also be at ECP to do a 15km run with SgRunners (Brokie, Vincent, Sotong, DO, etc) before joining the Nike Runaholics run at 7.30am for another 10km. MR25 runners like JJ and Sumiko will be leading the Runaholics run, and it should be fun to run along with the other Nike runners. There will be lots of runners this Sunday at ECP it seems :)

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