Friday, October 20, 2006

Satisfying Runs!

AdiRUN #7: The haze abated with PSI levels down to 50s on Wed evening. Did the AdiRUN, this time taking the longer 12km distance into Marina South Jetty, Steamboat area, and back to The Esplanade exercise area. Had some new people join us; VRP ladies, Michiko who came last week, and another 2-3. We started off at 7.15pm to Marina South, while Superboy led the second group who came later to The Indoor Stadium. So we had 2 groups that started off from the exercise area...hehe.

I was with Bev most of the time, running along Angelica (Adidas Manager), Delphine, and another girl. We went to The Jetty, looped around, crossed over to the steamboat area. After about 8km, the girls were getting a little tired. We bumped into Simon enroute to Steamboat area, and he and Delphine split from us. So Bev, Angelica, the girl and I ran together from the Steamboat area all the way to Marina South Park and out into Shenton Way. They were so relieved to come out, after what seemed like a very long run for us...haha. Angelica was doing a steady pace, and I kept on along with her. Bev ran ahead once she was on Shenton Way. We finished the run in 1hr30min, and the group was back at the exercise area doing their stretches. This was the first time Angelica and the new girl did 12km or more, and they were pleased they completed. Near the finish, the VRP ladies who had finished their shorter run much earlier, went in the opposite direction....hope they will be back next week for another adiRUN. Later, DO and Simon confirmed that we ran more than 12km, more like, no wonder the girls were so tired...hmm, anyway, good endurance training for them...they should do well for their upcoming 10km races :)

SAFRA MF: Thursday evening was just like Tuesday's. The PSI level was 113, before dropping to 107. I decided to go down to SAFRA MF for a 14km easy run, which turned out to be a satisfactory workout for me. Picked Jaime along the way, and noticed that the west wasn't as cloudy as Tuesday. It was a tad hazy with PSI at 90 when we started off along Depot Rd, Alexandra Rd and towards Labrador Park. The traffic junction at the entrance to Labrador Park was ungoing major construction works, and was adding to the pollution. I almost choked on some dust coming out from the worksite..yucks!

The run into Labrador Park was nice, with a breeze blowing. That helped to disperse the haze a little, and I took 2 800m loops inside, before proceeding out again. Met cm, Ronnie, yean and a few others at the junction, before we all ran towards harbourfront. Feeling good, I ran ahead from there along harbourfront and then ascended Mount Faber from the steep end at Kampung Bahru side. The climb gave me a much needed workout, and fortunately, the haze has abated somewhat, and I didn't feel any smog at all. Overtook Chin Watt and another person on the steepest section. I was panting like mad, and great satisfaction when I finally reached the top. Ran all the way down to recover, not seeing any of the other runners. They probably had taken the Henderson Rd way back, while I went on towards Harbourfront and returned to ClubHouse via Telok Blangah Way, giving me a final workout up those mini slopes. Gave my new DS Trainer XI the much anticipated break-in, and I was glad I got the run in...hmm, not sure when will be the next time conditions will be good for running again.

Distance: 15km__Time: 1hr30min__Pace: 6min/km

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