Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Recovering From Flu

I developed a mild cough this week, following last week's blocked and runny nose :(. However, I was well enough to join in the SAFRA weekday long run to Botanic Gardens, and back via 'Demoralizing' Margaret Drive. There was a smaller turnout of about 20+, with Ong and Jaime still on their 'honeymoon' and many of the new runners tied up due to work and other matters.

As I was familiar with the route, cm asked me to look out for some of those mid-pack runners, and he would be sweeping the rear. Derrick and Alan will take care of the elites in front. The weather was cool, after some showers in the late afternoon. Once we got on to the Delta Canal, after the series of traffic stops, most of the runners picked up speed. I followed along, and was just trailing Colleen and Hock Soon. When we ran into Ridley Park, and the old CMPB area, Ronnie was with me and we ran at a faster pace till the traffic lights before Botanic Gardens. There we paused, and waited for the rest of the mid-pack to join up. Once into Botanic Gardens, Derrick raced away, leaving Ronnie, Colleen, Chin Hwatt and the few of us to run a pleasant pace up to the usual 'Meeting Place' for a water stop. My watch showed we have taken about 45min and possibly covered about 8.5km. Soon, Adam and the rest came up and we gathered and ran the second part together.

Running out from Botanic Gardens and along Farrer Road towards Commonwealth Ave had Ronnie, Colleen and Chin Hwatt breaking away from the rest. As Adam and Melvin were jaga-ing those behind, I proceeded to run forward with them, guiding them all the way into Margaret Drive, and from there, it was one long road to Delta Canal. I kinda enjoyed that long stretch as the weather was pretty cool, and my legs were making up for 'lost mileage' due to my bout of cold...hehe. Played catch up with all those running in front. I waited once more at the traffic junction, and when most of the mid-pack had arrived, we continued all the way along Delta Canal, Tiong Bahru, Henderson Road back to ClubHouse. I felt good, and my nose didn't trouble me much. I enjoyed the nice cool run, at a relatively easy, but 'need to work' pace. Finished the run in about 1hr23min.

Distance: 15km__Time: 1hr23min__Pace: 5:32min/km

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