Thursday, November 09, 2006

Club AdiRunners

The weekly Wednesday gathering of runners at Adidas Singapore has become known as Club AdiRunners. It has grown to about 30 regular runners who have been attending regular Wed evening runs since 2 months ago, right through the IMF event. Distances have steadily progressed from 8km to 14km, taking through runners through interesting routes along Orchard, Marina Promenade & Kallang, and even Marina South (part of the SCSM Marathon route). The runners should be getting a Club running top soon, to foster a greater sense of identity.

In preparation for the SCSM, last evening's training saw the group of about 20 take the 14km Marina South Route, starting from The Esplanade area. The weather was cool and primed for a nice longish run. I was with Beverly right from the start, and we ran closely with Susan all throughout. Along Shenton Way, Beverly picked up the pace, and I had to slow her a little so she will not 'ponchet' too soon....hehe, there's always some pressure in newbies to want to keep up with the faster runners. As we entered into Marina South, we ran a steady pace. Bev and Susan were very focused, and we just ran along without chatting much. Near the Jetty, we could see the front group of Simon, Stacy, Michiko, Superboy, DO and a whole bunch on the return. The 3 of us proceeded to the toilets for our break. I told Bev that was about the mid point, and that she can pick up pace if she wanted to.

We ran back from the Jetty, keeping right all the way, passing the Steamboat area, and out back along Marina South. The gals were slowing slightly, and Bev was pushing herself to maintain the pace. We did not see the others along the way, and presumed they had gone back by then. With 3km to go, Bev said her glycogen levels were low. I urged her to slow a little to recover. Susan was still running steadily in front, and we were just happy to keep a comfortable distance from behind all the way back to exercise area at The Esplanade. I was drenched and my mouth was dry after the run, probably due to the humidity. After some cool-down stretches led by Superboy, we took a nice walk back to Suntec City where we had 100-plus and bananas, courtesy of Club AdiRunners.

Distance: 14km__Time: 1hr20min__Pace: 5:43min/km

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