Friday, November 10, 2006

Canterbury Plains & Labrador Park

It rained heavy on Thursday afternoon, only to stop by evening to provide a nice cool weather for running. The SAFRA MF gang were slated for Telok Blangah Hills intervals, while Do, Bug and I decided to go for some plain....I mean plains running on flat road...:). Because SCSM is mainly flat, we needed some lonish runs on flat surfaces.

We started off right at 7pm, and headed straight for the Canterbury Estates along Alexandra Road. We started off with a warm-up pace of about 5:30min/km along Depot Road. By the time we entered Canterbury Estates, we increased the pace tp about 4:45min/km or faster. We maintained the 'hard' pace throught the 5km stretch within Canterbury, and by the time we got back out, we had a good workout of 8km. We moved on along Alexdra Road, and entered Labrador Park, doing a slower pace of about 5:15. Was pleasantly surprised to bump into xdd and tktan who had just finished a loop in Labrador, having done 9km earlier from NUS. They decided to join us for a bit, and after a short chat, we ran at our own pace.

I covered 2 800m loops of the inner Labrador flats, before exiting together with DO back to Alexandra Road. xdd and tktan had gone off on their own by then. We were joined by Bug, who did an additional loop, and together we finished the remaining 2.5km or so up the 'mental' slopes of Henderson Road. I was drenched with perspiration once back to the ClubHouse, an indication of the high humidity in spite of the earlier rains.

Distance: 14km__Time:1hr15min__Pace: 5:21min/km

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At 5:21 PM, Blogger doraemon_red said...

DR, nice bumping to u, too :) Very chuan chasing after u! When u go for ur 2nd loop (didn't know how many more u would be going), we stopped the chase and head back to KRGH. Glad to c that u r recovering well from ur cold!

At 8:34 PM, Blogger The Dream Runner said...

thanks doraemon...u 2 looked strong, and aplogies for not chatting more with u...cos I was also breathing hard by then...hehe...

At 2:22 PM, Blogger doraemon_red said...

aiyoh, paiseh to "disrupt" ur concentration... i also cannot chat -- chasing after u oledi left me breathing hard!! once in a while, nice to do a bit of chasing to feel the adrenaline rush :)


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