Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Impossible Is Nothing

Went down to Suntec Adidas for the final adiRUN before D-Day. All those runners who have attended about 8 adiRUNs collected our very nice Adidas white running sleeve top. Behind the top were the words adiRUN, Impossible Is Nothing! COOL! The material was soft, and my S size fitted me well. Beverly also collected her S size ladies. We will probably collect our adiZero shoes after the SCSM.

A crowd of 20+ turned up, and we had shortlegs, Mun and OP join us for their first adiRUN. The group don our new adiRUN Ts and posed for a great photo shot. Michiko was excited with her stylo-mylo Oakley M Shades, saying she would not walk on race day wiith's that for motivation :). To show support to Fahmy and Adidas for their generosity, we wore our new adiRUN Ts for the 8-9km tapering run along The Marina Promenade towards Kallang Sea Sports area and back. This probably being my final run before race day, I decided to go a little faster to get a good workout. I think I went at a 5:20min/km pace, and was following the mini group of cfred, simon and fennel mostly.

George was the fastest today. As we moved on, Superboy's hunky friend moved up to join cfred and gang, and they increased the pace to near 5min. I stuck with my pace throughout. There were quite a number of runners around the area putting in their final runs as well. Workmen could be seen putting up signboards and sponsors' billboards. We ran past the 40km marker which would be the real teaser on race day, as it would signal that the ultimate finale was close. I finished the approximately 8km in about 36min. The front group decided to run up to The Esplanade, while I took a breather and walked back to catch up with Beverly. The last run has been done. Time to rest the legs, and begin carbo-loading. This Friday night will have me doing my favourite Steamboat with the SAFRA MF gang. D-3, REDCON 2,,,,let the engines REV!

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