Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holiday Heat Run

Went for a little getaway this weekend, and managed to get a short 10km run in along the beautiful Palawan and Tanjong beaches and Dolphin Bay. When I started the run at 9.30am after a late sleep-in, the sun was out with its full heat. I tried getting into the shady areas whereever possible. I planned to do a 50min run just to get the engine warmed up, but being careful not to overwork the body. I went exploring the jungle trail for the final 2km, before heading back to the start point...estimated I ran 10km in 51min. I was sweating buckets as I took some time to stretch down.

Since I was in the CBD area on Tuesday, I managed to go down to join the CBD run. It was a nice 10km run, and we got a chance to meet up with the SCSM Trifam pace groups. There was a sizeable turnout from SgRunners, and together with the 20 odd Trifam Pacers, we ran as a large group into Marina South. It was impressive, as the pace were well maintained, and the various runners ran together as a group. I followed the 4hr pace group, led by David Tay. It was a nice 5:30min/km pace they set. However, there was a even faster group of about 10 people led by choonwei and doraemon running at 5min pace and below....wow, I had to try not to be drafted along by them....I was able to follow the 5:30min pacers from the Jetty all the way out to the start point at Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Team Trifam's pacers (holding pace timings) for the SCSM06

We did about 9.5km in 52min....very consistent 5:30min pace bah. I had a nice workout, not too taxing, just nice to deplete more glycogen ahead of the loading from Thursday evening. We had a nice chat with the pace groups on their strategies, and took some very nice photos, with the pacers holding up their pace times. I think this year's SCSM marathon will be interesting...at least there will be a chatty and steady pace group to help keep me alert during the first 3/4 of the race at least....NICE!

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At 4:00 PM, Blogger doraemon_red said...

DR, dun think we ran < 5min/km pace... would be panting like mad! anyway, it was a shiok run!


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