Saturday, December 09, 2006

Recovery weekend at MacRitchie

Went down to MacRitchie to meet the SgRunners for a recce run of the 10.5km loop in preparation for the year-end MR25 Ultra-Marathon. I took the opportunity to do the MR25 5km time-trial route before I met up with the guys. It was such a long time since I did the TT route, and I wanted to have a feel what timing I would do. I reached the zig-zag bridge at about 6.50am with a warm-up jog, and with a few stretches, I was away. I did not start too fast, preferring to take it easy, especially when I was still in recovery from last Sunday's SCSM.

The weather was cool, and I reached the exercise area in 11min...hmm, still ok. Went up towards Lornie Road, and did the turn back, and back at exercise area in 13min....not too fast. On the way back, spotted Cokiee running into the trails for his warm-up. I maintained speed throughout, and finished the run in 23:40...hmm, still ok, not very fast though. I felt my stomach churning, probably because of the short, quick run affecting the breakfast...hehe. At the carpark, met Commando, then Fennel, Kayano, Shutehelup. Babymon was there too for her weekend training with her coach. We chatted a bit, and when Cokiee and SV came, we went on our 10.5km Northern Route recce. It was a first time for Fennel and Shut...all were working the slopes hard, but enjoying every bit.

Both cokiee and me were taking turns to explain parts of the route. We took a break at the Ranger Station where the runners were treated to Sports Beans from Kayano :). We proceeded on along Sime Trail, and was welcomed with a 10min morning shower. It made the run cooler as we went along the wooden bridge, the Golf Course, the tree-roots area, the exercise area, and all the way back along Lornie Trail. When we hit the zig-zag bridge, we saw Brokie, Vincent and the kids coming in for their TreeTop walk. Brokie drew out her camera like a 'Quickdraw McGraw' and snapped some nice ones of us running back. We gathered back at the carpark and chatted away after the run, taking more group photos. We were introduced to babymon's running coach and team-mate, and more photos were taken. All had enjoyed the cool morning trail run, and some were already looking forward to their next training run at the MacRitchie trails and beyond.

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