Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tight Hamstrings??

It was raining when I got down to Suntec on Wed night for the adiRUN. After the SCSM euphoria, a lot of the prep runs have completed, and lots of runners have gone on to look for the next training vehicle that will prepare them for upcoming events. adiRUN is one of those runs that have continued post SCSM. Because of the downpour, it was a smaller group of 11 that headed off for a 11km Esplanade-Marina South run.

Rare guests Eddie of RL fame and Lai Chee of MF fame joined in this 'shiok' run....cos the rain stopped to a nice cool, albeit humid weather. Beverly, Meteor, joao, SV and I were running mainly as a group throughout. It was a welcomed recovery run for us, as we chatted lots about SCSM and the nice maiden experience some of us had. Finished the run without taking any time....estimated that we ran at about 6min/km pace. Had 100plus and bananas after the run :). Brokie, DO, stazla and gang are planning for a Angkor Wat adventure this weekend, and we will await anxiously for their FRs and photos of the fun trip. I will just be looking forward to Ultra-Marathon on Dec31 and then the Pacesetters 30km on 21Jan.

The hamstrings on my left leg have been very tight these few days...hmm, I should be taking it easy (not that I always do hard runs, but this time I will even be easier on myself...haha), some people suggested yoga/stretching, and maybe go and try that 'deep tissue' massage...:)

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