Thursday, December 21, 2006

Raindrops Keep Falling...

Heard from news reports it was the heaviest rain we have had in 70+ Missed a run on Monday when it started to rain. Then it rained on Tuesday evening, and I skipped MF training. As I was fiddling on my laptop, I found that my wireless connection was somehow disconnected, and when the rain stopped at about 9pm, I immediately went for a quickie run. It was cool and shiokz as I was contemplating doing a 12km loop around the estate. Midway through, after covering about 7km, it started to pour. I was drenched, and decided to cut the run short....10km in 48min. Still I had my endorphine fix, although a pretty wet one...Ah Chooh!

It continued to rain the whole Tue night, and the rains finally came to a stop on Wednesday morning. Planned to go down for Adirun, but due to some unexpected event, had to head home and settled for another short run. I felt weak during the run, especially in the breathing department....hope I did not catch the flu. Finished the run in a slow 53min, and was breathing heavily. My left hamstrings were super tight...cannot wait for my maiden sports massage this Friday :)

Went down to SAFRA MF on Thursday evening, and found out that we were supposed to do the intervals that were missed on Tuesday...haiz, I wasn't mentally prepared and my legs were still very tight. I waited for Cokiee as he was late, whilst the rest went ahead to Queenstown Stadium. When Cokiee arrived at about 7pm, we did a slow 4km jog to QST. I joined in for the first 2 800m loops, and did them around 3m20s...slow, but I was taking it easy. Bug was burning the trackings with sub 3min 800m laps average, doing even 2m30s laps. The rains came again in the 3rd lap, and I sat it out. I completed the 4th lap, and decided to call it a night. On the 4km run back to ClubHouse, I felt very weak. It was probably glycogen depletion, as I didn't really eat anything before the run.

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