Sunday, January 07, 2007

3 Hills Run

This was a training run specially concocted at SAFRA MF to prepare us for the upcoming 30km Pacesetters run in KL, known for its double-hill slopes on both sides of the highway. After much rain this week, it was clear skies this morning, as a group of 30+ of us gathered at MF ClubHouse. SAFRA Tampines was also at the MF ClubHouse, and they planned to do 16km.

Quite a number of SgRunners showed up...doraemon, cosmic, Brokie & Vincent.....and of course the SAFRA members of Fennel, Bee, sxuanjing, Bug, DO and myself were present too. The plan was for a 32km hill to hill run along the following route of advance -> Clubhouse -> Depot Rd -> Queenway -> Portsdown railway -> Science Park 1 -> Kent Ridge Park -> Kent Ridge hill (2.5 rds) -> Pasir Panjang -> Labrador hill -> Labrador Park (2 rds) -> Labrador hill -> Telok Blangah Way -> Harbourfront -> Kampung Bahru -> MF hill -> MF loop (2 rds) -> Morse Rd -> Harbourfront -> Telok Blangah Rise -> Clubhouse.

Trainer Ong was down with the flu, and so we had Trainer Wong lead the run. I enjoyed the first stretch up to Kent Ridge Park, running alongside with Fennel and KKChin. Did 2.5 loops of the Kent Ridge slopes, and went up to the first water point near the tank. Took about 45min to do what I estimated to be about 8km. We ran on to Bukit Chandu Reflections, and bumped into Sam, Eric Koa, and the Tampines gang. We wished one another a Happy New Year, and was looking forward to getting one of those Pearl Izumi running tights that Sam wore....he mentioned more colours available in about 2 months.

We ran the next leg down Bukit Chandu, Pasir Panjang Road and into Labrador Park. I was still feeling good with the higher leg-lift that I was consiously doing. It did make me breathe harder....hmm, maybe I was working harder too :). Did 2 loops of Labrador Park with Ronnie after going up the slope, and returned the reverse way up the slope. My legs were getting a tad tired on the return slope, as I saw Brokie and Vincent running in....they looked fresh and were taking it quite easy. I ran on out just following Ronnie from behind, and when I reached the junction, I went ahead towards Mt. Faber and Harbourfront for the final leg. I might have covered 1.5hrs of running by then.

The heat from the sun was beating down on me along the Harbourfront stretch, and that really weakened my resolve a little. I slowed down as I approached the steep ascent up MF Hill from the Kampong Bahru side. This will be the final hill of the 3-hills run. I chugged along steadily, and passed small chua alond the steeper portions of the upslope. I felt very tired on the final upslope, especially with the 'killer fumes' emitted by a bus that dragged itself past us. When I finally neared the top, I decided to walk and catch my breath. Ronnie and small chua overtook me at the top, as I experienced the onset of cramps at my, I must have worked them hard, and my conditioning recently wasn't that great for this kind of terrain. As I ran downslope, my calves threatened to seize up, as I could feel them palpitating and pulling. I slowed to a walk to give the legs some respite, and I decided to skip the additional MF loops. I was feeling very hungry by fuel tank was running low as I didn't refuel at all. I did a slow job all the way back to the ClubHouse, and I felt real exhausted. Finished the whole run in about 2.5hrs. Adam said that I put on weight, and my shoulders looked a little bulkier...haha... good problem to have for me. I had to agree with him as these few weeks really had me infusing sinful amounts of holiday goodies....more to come :).

Doraemon's goodies from Hokkaido tasted yummilicious and had a special flavour to them. Fennel's ITB was still giving her some problems, and she was advised to take it easy and wear a Patt Strap for Pacesetters. I took my time to stretch, sampled the goodies, while waiting for the rest to be back. It was great catching up with the SAFRA and SgRunners ganag after the holidays, and there were lots of stories and food to sample. Colleen even had very nice pineapple tarts for us to try. We occupied about 4 tables at the food centre. I had a good reload of Yong Tau Foo with loads of chilli, as we went through Brokie's scenic photos of their recent Angkor Wat run trip. I am hoping to do the Angkor Wat run, plus a 'Tomb Raiders' style tour in December 2007, best with the experienced group that went in 2006...yeah!

Distance: 29km__Time: 2hr40min__Pace: 5:31min/km

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