Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Humid Evening...

It was a large turnout (close to 40) at SAFRA MF where we had gathered for a 14km in the evening. Could be because of the rain the past few days, many came anticipating a good workout. There was just a short drizzle before the run, and it soon cleared, leaving the air very humid. This evening we had nyquist2000 and swoop joined us for a second time.

We ran towards the Delta Canal, and I felt good. However, my socks were giving me some problems due to slippage...hmm...could be due to the smaller size I mistakenly took. I ran mostly alone in the midst of the gang, and was enjoying the evening scenes along the canal, and into Ripley Park area. Again, I concentrated on having higher leg lifts in my strides, as I found recently I was getting 'lazy' with lots of shuffling and chi running....hehe.

At the junction to Botanic Gardens, we were urshured to turn left towards Commonwealth/ Margaret Drive by trainer Ong. I was following Colleen and Teck Hou mostly, as I kept a steady, but not too fast pace. As we turned into the lond road along Margaret Drive, my left leg was getting 'numb' from my discounted Cumulus...hmm, not sure if it was the cushioning wearing off...must find some way to determine that. When I neared the traffic junction, trainer Ong overtook me. He was running real easy. I followed from a distance, all along into the Canal, and Ronnie together with Colleen ran ahead too. I followed Ronnie to the end of the canal, and I turned back towards the Tiong Bahru Park. On the way back along Henderson Road, it was Teck Hou again, as I finished about 13.5km in 1hr18min. Trainer Ong confirmed that the route was 14km. We had nice 100plus, and proceeded to ABC market for that delicious Fried Hokkien Mee...yum!

Distance: 14km__Time: 1hr18min__Pace: 5:34min/km

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