Tuesday, February 06, 2007

CNY engine maintenance

With the Chinese New Year approaching, and the lots of Bak Kua, Pineapple Tarts, cookies that I have been chomping on, I have to throw in a series of workouts just to maintain the engine, and to avoid putting on too much excess....haha. DO and I did a bit of hill running at MF. We joined the first part of the run (about 4km) with the SAFRA MF Runners who were scheduled for 7 laps of MF hills within 1 hour. With HK Marathon looming, I was wary of doing too many hills because of the 'jarring' on the downslopes. Whilst the rest of the MF Runners stopped at the car-park mid of MF, DO and I proceeded to run up to the top via Mt. Faber Loop.

I had on my new Nike Air Zoom Vomero, and this baby really was quite good for slopes, both going up and down. Though slightly heavy, its ample cushion provided a lot of 'shock absorbing' for my legs, and I felt quite good. I tested the heel cushion on the downslopes, and found it to be great. After 1 loop, we bumped into Jaime and informed her that we were going to do our own run to Labrador Park. On the way down to Morse Road, DO suggested we do a 'harder workout' by going up Henderson Road, and then ascending MF from Morse Road for a second hill. So off we went, and up along Henderson Road, I felt quite strong and using the 'bounce' of the Vomero, I proceeded on smoothly all the way to Kampong Bahru.

The ascent was pretty smooth this evening, and by the time I reached the top, I was feeling a tad breathless, but legs were still ok. Someone asked me about the MF Runners, but I couldn't really answer him...just said that I was running a different route. I went down MF via MF Loop, and ran with steady strides (not fast) via Harbourfront way and back to ClubHouse in 1hr18min. I estimated the distance to be 15km. Had my favourite Red Rice Wine Chicken (RRWC) Mee Sua, and Cheng Tng with DO and Fennel. There were more converts to RRWC tonight :).

Distance: 15km__Time: 1hr18min__Pace: 5:12min/km

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