Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My first official pair of Nike Runners

Finally got the Nike running shoes with the $200 voucher I received for the Nike Runhalolics run last November. After waiting in vain for the Katana Cage II, I settled on the Air Zoom Vomero, and topped up with $20....this has got to be the most expensive pair of runners I have had to date ($220)...haha.

My Maiden Nike Pair - Nike Air Max Vomero

Brought it out for its maiden run last evening at SAFRA MF. Decided to take a easy, flat 13km route along the Canterbury Estate/Labrador Park to try out the shoes. Started off the run with DO at a comfy pace. I was striding for the first part of the run in Canterbury Estate just to get a feel of the softness of the shoe, which DO had already complained that it could be too soft for a 'firm' toe-off. I did feel that I had to work harder when toeing off, but it more than compensated when it served as a good shock absorber for my legs....and especially good when going downhills because of its ample heel cushion.

I got out of Canterbury Estate feeling quite good, though my breathing wasn't too smooth as my nose was still a tad runny. I continued on to Labrador Park alone after DO wanted to do his own pace. It was thereupatic as I was trying to feel the softness in the cushion. I found that the Vomero was good for absorbing shocks from the hard pavements, and will be a good training pair for short distance runs. It felt stable and light too, but there is a requirement for the legs to lift higher and work harder. I finished the 13km run in 1hr10min, not fast, but at a nice easy pace in the sometimes cold, windy evening.

Distance: 13km__Time: 1hr10min__Pace: 5:23min/km

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