Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CNY Heng Heng Run

Dragon's Teeth @ Labrador Park

A small group of us got together at SAFRA MF ClubHouse for a 'Heng Heng' Run to usher in the CNY, as well as to burn up the excesses we have had over the past few days of feasting (I have put on 2kg so far *gulp*...and DO mentioned he put on 5kg...wah, really need to run for the next few days man...haha). Doraemon, tktan, Cokiee, DO, Fennel, SealBoon, kayano, SportsVenturer, HKflyer (all the way from HK, joining us for the first time, a 36min PB for 10km, extremely fast runner...*bow*) and Dream started off at 7.30am, just after Ong and the SAFRA MF group went for their 3 MF laps of 25km.

Since the whole group could follow, we picked up the pace along Depot Road, heading towards Jalan Hang Jebat. As we crossed the railway track, all were pretty excited by the new way to Kent Ridge Park...even doraemon and tktan, who knew much about the Kent Ridge/NUS area, have not gone past that area. Hkflyer was getting warmed up by then, and he was impressed with the amount of greenery and cool, clear air...a vast difference from what he is used to in HK.

Tank on top of Kent Ridge Park

We proceeded past the Highway, and onto Kent Ridge Park. I brought HKFlyer to do 1.5 loops of the slopes at KRP, along with SealBoon and DO. The rest went ahead and waited for us at the tank. HKFler 'flew' up the slopes effortlessly, and waited for me to drag myself up to join the rest. We had a nice break, before proceeding along Canopy Walk. xdd and tk were so impressed with the 'flowers' at the top, they took a stroll around on their own before meeting us up at the next happening place, Labrador Park. We had run about 55min and 10km before entering Labrador Park. Went up the small slope to Olive Restaurant, down the 'tunnels', all the way to the 'Dragon's Teeth' of the Park. Played tourist to HKFlyer and explained some of the more interesting sights to him.

Group pic @ Dragon's Teeth for good luck - Heng Heng

Kayano, xdd and tktan arrived just in time for a group picture at the 'Dragon's Teeth' for good luck, before proceeding on to our final slope up Mt. Faber. The sun was beating down on us mercilessly, but all were busy enjoying ourselves to notice the heat. We took the flat road out from Labrador Park, and towards Morse Road. Had a isotonic break at the Shell Station before proceeding up MF along Morse Road. The whole group were having a good workout, and we banded together quite close...not much waiting time incurred...wow, SV and Kayano were running strong...Cokiee was leading the run with HKFlyer quite often...good..we needed to take turns to keep HKFlyer's interest high...hehehe....no lah, he is really a very 'accomodating' runner, a pleasure to run with :)

HKFlyer was contemplating 'emigrating' to Singapore, now that he has found some good hills and running routes to satisfy his running activities. He likes the greenery and the clear air in Singapore. We continued on for the remaining 3km to the ClubHouse at a steady pace...averaging 5min/km, interspersed with just a few stops for us to show the folks the entrance to Sentosa and other ascending routes up MF. We finished at the ClubHouse strong. We estimated we did 23km, and had a good 'food-burning' run. Celebrated CNY with a 'Yum Seng' toast of red wine brought by DO. It was a 'shiok' CNY 'Heng Heng' run, and I hope it will set the tone for the rest of the runs for me in the Piggy Year :).

Distance: 23km__Time: 2hr__Pace: 5:13min/km

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