Sunday, March 04, 2007

Countdown To HK Marathon 2007

Monday: Managed to squeeze in a recovery run, just after the bout of afternoon showers. Had a good, but painful massage session on Sunday...I can really feel a lot looser. Started off quite fast, and Beverly was hot on my heels. She overtook at the usual spot (where I always turned a short distance into the private estate along Braddel rd). It took me a longer while to finally overtake her only at the turnoff at the Mosque. I finished my 10.5km run in 54min. Bev finished her 10km in 57min+, a PB for that distance and this route...she is improving well this year. Looks set to easily do a sub-1hr 10km.

Tuesday: Joined a large group of SAFRA MF runners for the tapering 10km run into Canterbury Estates. All those going to HK this weekend were in good condition, and using the run just to warm up their engines. The rest were there to burn off some excesses from CNY :). I ran the whole route at a steady pace....the yellow ASICS Gel Speedstar looked good and felt light, with ample cushion for that distance. I finished in 47min, about the same as the time trial last week. Prior to tghe run, cm announced there would be a Mizuo sponsored, MR25 organized 10km race at MF, starting from Henderson CC, to be held in April.

Thursday: Did my final run before the HK Marathon on Sunday...a short 9km, slow-paced run just to get the engine warmed up. Felt good...should be ready for a trouble-free run on Sunday, just hoping no cramps this time. I shall leave for HK tomorrow early morning, with the SAFRA MF gang for company. See you next week :)

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At 11:38 PM, Blogger weishan said...

All the best for your race!!! :)

At 11:49 PM, Blogger Tekko said...

Enjoy yourself!


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