Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Twin Cemetaries n Ghurkhas

Received an interesting email from DO, informing of his latest find of a 10km route around my home. His email went "I ran fm my place down to Maris Stella > bartley rd > turn left toward potong pasir > enter the old muslim cementery thru the side rd entry near the mosque> followed the existing road path till i hit a dead end due to some construction work fence > U-Turn back to the mosque> proceed to the christian cementery > did 2 loop ard there > then head back to bartley rd > then home ... the easy run took abt 55min ... guess it abt 10km..or less.. ".

I couldn't wait to try out the route, and asked Bev to join me for the recce run. As we turned off from the usual Bartley Rd to Upp. Serangoon Rd towards Potong Pasir, we spotted the
mosque. It dawned on me that it was the area where I always wondered whenever I drove past. It looked like a vast piece of wooded land. As Bev n I turned into the small road leading into the old Muslim Cemetary, we were greeted by a serene setting. As we trotted through the quiet woods, we could hear ourselves pant as we manouvred the slight slopes skirting Mt. Vernon Crematorium and then Maris Stella High School. We could see quite a number of people running along the roadside. We did the U-turn as mentioned by DO, and headed out the same way we came in, though we could take a detour into the Crematorium time bah.

When we were back out from the Muslim Cemetary, we had done about 25min of running. We then moved along towards Mt. Vernon Road, and spotted a vast piece of land across, with lots of runners all over a myriad of small roads...hmm, interesting. We decided to run in there, and as we approached the Potong Pasir MRT, I realized it could be the Christian Cemetary. We immediately turn inwards, and started to run all over the vast expanse. Lots of runners were in there....the whole place seemed to be full of Ghurkhas....easily 15-20 of them, all very fit and lean looking too. Then I realized where the Ghurkhas do their ninja those cemetaries. Very good training groud. As we went up and down the slopes (it was real fun for me...hehe), Bev was commenting how hard the workout was and how much she was loving the pain...hahaha.

We spent 20min in the Christian Cemetary grounds, and had a very enjoyable time zig-zagging and criss-crossing the whole place...:). We went off towards Mt. Vernon Rd, passing the Ghurkha Contingent camp on our way back home. It was one interesting and fun run for me, and it was good that Bev had a good workout too. She mentioned there were no gals in the area, and we did only see 1 lone gal on a bike....otherwise, it was full of Ghurkhas...I would suggest that SuperGal spend some time doing her ninja training there...she will love it...hehe. We did a bit more in the housing estates for a 11km run...I will definitely spend some time to visit the place again, and maybe organize a fun run with some kakis.

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At 2:56 PM, Blogger kops21 said...

must jio me along for run hor...:)

At 4:05 PM, Blogger The Dream Runner said...

sure tigger...u can consider to organize Ghostly Run 2007, incorporating these twin cemetaries :)


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