Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Staircase cum Hill Training

SAFRA MF have begun to include a series of circuit and staircase training to the running program. We did a hill run on Tuesday evening, followed by staircase loops. There was a large turnout of about 30 runners. A few new runners joined in too..jeremy, desmond from trifam. We started off at 6.45pm and headed towards MF carpark. On the slope up Morse Road, we did a 'chiong-ing' run as a group, it was fun, and I was drained with all the lactic acid built up.

We took a rest and started on 4 sets of the 1.6km MF Loop. The first 2 loops were really tough, as I was feeling the strain from the dash-up earlier....hehe. Took some water at the end of the 2nd loop and felt much better. Each time up the MF slopes was really a hard workout on the cardio and the legs. I could see many of the runners tiring, but still they persisted to complete. Some of the new runners were impressive, doing their best to keep up.

I sure was glad to complete the 4 MF loops, and immediately followed trainer Ong to do 3 sets of staircase climbs up to MF via the 200+ steps near the mosque. I did a steady walkup, and then jogged down the slopes, and ran down the flight of steps....reminded me of running down Tiphohon Gate at Mt. Kinabalu. The stairs training was quite nice for a change, and combined with the hillrun sets, made for a hard workout with a nice variation...I liked it.

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