Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rainy days & Runnin days

The heavens opened with no mercy on Tuesday evening. I was looking forward to a 14km long run to burn away the excesses. We waited for a while at SAFRA MF, and when there were no signs of letting down, trainer Ong decided to have us do circuit training. We did 5 sets of squats, heel-raises, burpees, steps-up and leg-raises...1min each exercise, before moving on to the next exercise with 2 min rest in between. The burpees were the toughest, and my muscles were aching the next day. The circuit training finished at 8pm, and since there was some time, I went for a quickie 5km run around 1 loops of Telok Blangah Rise.

It rained on Wednesday, and fortunately the weather cleared by 6pm. I did the usual recovery run with Beverly. My inner thighs and quads were aching from the previous night's circuit training. Still I managed to maintain a steady pace throughout the 52min 10.5km. I was surprised by Bev's 57min 10km this evening...apparently she had been applying some of the techniques in the Chi-Running book of mine she has been reading...haha. Well done!

It threatened to rain on Thursday evening again. Since I was going to be near town, I decided to drop by for the Running Lab Run, instead of going up to SAFRA MF. It was many moons since I went down to the RL run. It was great to see and catch up with RL runners...Eddie, tekko and mrs, VRP gals Karen & Michelle...SgRunners taz, cfred, SV, Alvo....and new friends like Norbert and many new faces. Maybe its because I haven't seen them for a while, it seemed that Karen and Michelle have really lost weight.....much slimmer....might be due to more runs...hehe. We did a 11km run from Esplanade area to Kallang Bridge and back. The pace was fast and furious, and I had trouble catching the front runners, and was glad to settle into a more comfortable 5min/km pace. Finished the run in 54min....good workout.

Went down to SAFRA MF on Sunday for a 5+15km run. DO and I went early and did a 5km warm-up run around the Telok Blangah loop. Rested for a bit, and joined the smallish group of 15 MF Runners for a 15km loop up to Mt. Faber. I felt quite drained after 10km, probably because I didn't have breakfast. I had to stop twice for water. Managed to finish the final 5km loop reasonably ok. After the run, we attended a talk on 'Stengthening & Conditioning For Runners' by Angelin, a pro fitness instructor who had recently joined SAFRA MF. There was good theory and hands-on....very good session, thanks to Angelin for the free advise and tips.
Distance: 20km__Time: 1hr50min__Pace: 5:30min/km

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