Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Run Of Reflections

Went down to SAFRA MF for the weekend LSD. I was planning to just tag along, and follow the group through the NUS Route. We haven’t done this rather ‘hilly’ route in a while. The turnout was small, and trainer Ong was still weak, having just recovered from fever. Lai Chee, runalone, Derrick, small chua, jimmy, KK, Peter, TLH, potheader were among those present. Kumaran and his boss, along with Tony went for a recce of the Mizuno 10km MF route.

We started off at a steady pace, with Jimmy, Ong, Derrick, Lai Chee leading the pack. I followed from behind, and was content to just do my own pace and let my mind drift. I felt fine through Depot Road, Pasir Panjang Rd and the rather long ‘99-winding road’. Spotted choonwei along Pasir Panjang Rd doing his ninja run. As we turned into NUH, it brought back the scene of Dad drawing his last breath just this Monday. I ‘choked’ a little, and said a prayer for him. I felt my breathing getting a little disturbed, but was able to get a hold of myself. I moved forward to overtake sChua, Lai Chee and Derrick, and led them up the slopes of NUS.

At the top of NUS, I waited for Derrick and Ong to come up, and seeing that there were no more runners behind, I followed them out onto the main road. I was getting quite tired by then…..must be the lack of exercise and sleep the whole week, although I did have quite enough to eat. I was still thinking of my Dad, and how he would asked us to run with him when I was young, and he would take a cab home midway into the short run…he was never one that exercised much, nor do any sports….haiz! As we ran up the NUS slopes again, I quickly caught up with Derrick and Lai Chee, and from there proceeded to run towards Science Park. As I passed NUH again, I thought of Dad…spotted Bill who was doing his own Ninja run. I felt exhausted as I ran up the small slopes and out of NUH, and when the rest came up, we proceeded into Science Park.

It was a real hot day, and the sun was drawing all my reserves. I could feel the rest being affected too. I was glad I had my fuel belt and 2 bottles of Gatorade mix. I went up the slopes of Kent Ridge Park with Derrick, and I pulled away to the top and waited at the tank for the rest. I felt I had quite a good workout by then, and decided I won’t do the MF loop up Morse Road. As we ran down Bukit Chandu, I was reflecting on why I felt weak. So much have happened this week, and it was probably having its effects on me. Out onto Pasir Panjang Rd, I was like a zombie, just picking my legs up and looking out for the next break. I took a short stop at the junction into Labrador Park, and then decided to have a water stop at the Shell Station just before Morse Road. When I came out, the rest have just moved ahead up MF. I was relieved not to be going up, but I still felt very tired.

I ran past Harbourfront, and when I approached Kampong Bahru, I was reminded of where Dad was laid to rest just down the beautiful niche in St. Theresa’s Church. There is a nice backdrop of rock formation, with small stream and pond, and carp swimming in it, and it being near to Mt. Faber does provide a nice setting for his soul to rest in peace. If there are available niches nearby, I would be very keen to get one too, as this area has become one of my favourite running place, amidst lush greenery and hill slopes. I said a prayer for him, as I took a brief walk pass the rock at the foot of MF @ Kg Bahru. I completed the final 2km stretch of Telok Blangah Rise to the ClubHouse, and was totally drained. A few of them were surprised I was back so early and thought that I had run fast….in fact, I skipped the MF slope from Morse Road….will leave it for another time when I am in better shape. This was one run where I had lots to think about and reflect upon, and it certainly made my shoulders and legs that much heavier and tiring. I think I completed 20km in 2hr5min, including all the breaks and walks.

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