Friday, May 11, 2007

Humid Evening @ Kent Ridge Park

Nope...not what you are thinking....just went for a easy run with the MF gang to Kent Ridge Park last evening. It has been some time since I last ran this route in the evening. It was nice running though the railway track, into Science Park, and I did 2.5 laps of the Kent Ridge slopes... Bug, DO and I were taking it real easy, to help Bug run slow enough to get into his 'fat burning' was really tough on poor Bug to run that slow.

Gathered at the tank area on top of Kent Ridge, and discussed about the Ipoh Marathon on July 1. Alan Chao has pulled out from the convoy, and we would have to make plans to re-arrange the people going up...I will be driving up and tagging along the experienced Adam, senior Chua....we will have good makan in Ipoh, and then moving up to Cameron Highlands (farm visit and makan) after the run on Sunday....looking forward to this trip :)

Completed the 14km run in easy pace, but sweating profusely. Did good stretching led by Julie, who incidentally will be making hotel arrangements for Ipoh. The MF Challenge has gotten fresh responses, and more people will be taking part. We went for favourite Red Rice Wine chicken and ice-cold Cheng Tng to top up the tanks. Will go for run at MR this Saturday, and then for a good sports massage to loosen all the tightness accumulated for the past 2 months.

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