Friday, June 15, 2007

Telok Blangah Hill Reps

Bev joined me at SAFRA MF on Tuesday for a 14km run along the Depot Rd/Commonwealth/ Alexandra stretch. She signed up for Running Club membership and got her free SAFRA-Saucony running top. Quite a large turnout, with lots more lady runners. The route was pretty 'mental', and it was good that Bev had a bottle of water. She did well to complete the the 14km in 1hr29min, and was glad she had water with her in the rather warm and humid evening.

Joined a smaller SAFRA MF group on Thurs evening for hill intervals at Telok Blangah Hill. It has been eons since I went for one of these 'hard' hill intervals, especially running back at fast speeds down the slopes of the 1km loop. We did a 20min run to the carpark of Telok Blangah Hill, and started off the 1st 2 loops of the 6-lap intervals (with rest of about 5min in between) as warm-up. Trevor was close to me in most of the laps, and the runs got harder with each lap. Trainer Ong asked for a constant 5min/km lap for all the runners.

I completed the first 2 laps in 4:08min and 4:01min. My legs were still feeling a littl tired after the sunday's x-country marathon, and I was happy to just maintain that kind of pace. I did the next 2 laps in 4:09min and 4:15min. I was perspiring profusely by then, and my heart was working hard. My legs were still ok, and I didn't feel any quick lactate buildup as I started off slowly. I completed the 5th lap in 4:08min, and the final lap had me racing with Wong and Derrick to the finish for a 4min flat lap for me. Enjoyed the whole workout thoroughly, although I don't seem to be burning off much these days....probably due to the increased intake of 'junk' food...haha....need to work harder in that aspect of my health :)

4km run-to - 20min
Lap 1 - 4:08min
Lap 2 - 4:01min
Lap 3 - 4:09min
Lap 4 - 4:15min
Lap 5 - 4:08min
Lap 6 - 4:00min

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