Friday, June 08, 2007

Warm Humid Runs

Because of the upcoming MR25 X-Country Marathon this Sunday, this week's training at SAFRA MF was supposed to be light. I picked Bev along the way as she was joining us for the first time. A large turnout this evening, as all runners were enthusiastic at the smell-flower paced run.

Trainer Ong kindly allowed me to try the Pearl Izumi shoes. Ran along the many traffic-stops along Henderson Rd, Tiong Bahru Park, Lower Delta Rd, and finally reached Clarke Quay and headed up to Fort Canning. It was a warm and humid night, as all sweated buckets. The PI shoes were cushiony and felt good; just that I will need 1 size larger shoes when I buy them. We ran 2 large loops (2km) up in Fort Canning. Bev was able to keep up with the group's pace...well done. We finished with a long run all the way back, and everyone was complaining of the extra extra km...haha. I estimated we did 13km...well, it was a good workout anyway. We did a quick wash-up, and went for our favorite Red Rice Wine Chicken.

Did another flat distance run at SAFRA MF on Thursday. The group was smaller, and leh-lio gal was the surprise guest. There were also 2 other new lady runners that joined in. We did a easy-paced run in the relatively cooler evening compared with Tuesday. Botanic Gardens area was wet after a round of showers, as we ran towards Margaret Drive. I had a good chat with leh-lio (who might be gearing up for her maiden marathon in December) while running just behind Adam and Wong. Adam was in good form, what with wearing his new NB runners. We ended the 14km run feeling that the distance wasn't that long, but all wet with perspiration.

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