Friday, May 25, 2007

Variations & Tempos

Ahead of the MF Challenge this Sunday, I took it easy and did a series of short, tempo runs this week. Did the 10km circuit (48min) at my home on Monday evening; then went down to SAFRA MF on Tuesday for the 10km MF Challenge loop, which I finished in 51min. Running up Kampong Bahru side was challenging even for 1 loop....cannot imagine going for at least 3 loops this Sunday; will have to employ some tactics to last the journey :).

Went down to Running Lab on Thursday evening to join in their run. It had been some time since I last visited the bunch; I recalled being there with Bev the last time, and we bought socks with special pricing. Collected the PaceSetters 30km cert from was nice, but my name was misspelt in the middle...well, I guess we cannot have them all....haha. Tried out the Pearl Izumi Shine for size; seemed like I need to take size 10 (1 size larger than normal)...hmm, I guessed my feet had grown (or arches have collapsed?) since I started running with size 9 shoes.. On first wear, I found the forefoot a little firm...may want to try the 'Nimbus' equivalent the next time.

Quite a large turnout...great to see the RL runners like tekko, his mrs, Michelle minus the VRP gals, cfred, fennel, SV, IMD and of course, Eddie. Eddie has improved so much in his running since I first knew him a year ago, and I heard his recent timing at the Duathlon for the first 10km was 42min....*kow tou*.... We had a fast tempo run, and I was working very hard and panting all the way, finishing in 52min...I think it might have been more than 10km. Good run once again, and with that, I now rest for this Sunday's challenge.

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