Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vesak Day Run @ ECP

Woke up super early, at 4.30am, to join the AniMILES for a 20km run. Managed to get even a few SgRunners like Brokie, Vincent, Cosmic, Swoop and DO to stir from the comforts of their nests to make it for this holiday run. When I arrived at the B1 car-park, SC5 and Spiffy were already there. Spiffy just did a bike round, and she must have been out much earlier...gosh! notme/yew looked very alert, and lieu was raring to go.

We started off together, with Vivian leading the AniMILES on a fast start. The few of us trotted off on a warm-up jog. The morning air was still, adding to the high humidity....and I didn't feel at all comfortable with the pace. We chatted about lotsa stuff, and after about 5km, we wwnt quiet as most of us were just getting into the 'zone'. We had to take a water stop at the Sailing Centre, before moving on all the way to NSRCC u-turn point. Saw Lieu and Vivian turn back a while ago for their planned 18km dash.

We reached the flower-pots at NSRCC in about 58min, estimated to be 10km. On the return, our mini group got dispersed, as each of us settled into our own pace. The sky was getting brighter, and I could feel my body heating up. Even though I was not running a fast pace, I felt myself working pretty hard...well, good workout anyway. Cosmic was running with me all the way back to B1, total elapsed time 1:52min. The road back was real 'mental' as it was long and winding....'The Long & Winding Road...That Leads....To My Shore...'...haha...sure was glad when I finished.

I took a long while to cool down. and had to walk about to get some wind in my face...phew! Was most glad to get the run in, and thanked SC5 for making the arrangements. Our mini group got washed up in the nice facilities at B1 toilets, and proceeded on to Marine Parade Food Centre for delicious tim sum....century egg porridge, with chee cheong fun, 'phoenix claws', 'har kao', and such. Got a sms from Divey who was doing her 20km ninja run at ECP in prep for, this heat will be good conditioning for her.

Distance: 20km__Time: 1hr52min__Pace: 5:36min/km


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