Friday, June 29, 2007

Ipoh here I come...

Ipoh Town Centre

I will be setting off for my maiden trip to Ipoh, Malaysia tomorrow, driving up with with SAFRA MF gang...12 of us in all. Looking forward to the nice journey, idyllic setting, good local food like the 'Towgay Chicken', 'Ipoh Kway Teow'....also will relax and stay over at Strawberry Park in Cameron Highlands....another first for me... I am like a 'mountain tortoise' when it comes to visiting interesting places in Malaysia....running has allowed me to explore more of Malaysia these 2 years....I am all packed and ready to go....and oh yes, the Ipoh International Run on Sunday is just the reason for this trip, not the highlight :)

This has been an easy week for running. Did a 10km MF loop at tempo pace on Tuesday, finishing in 49min, in humid weather. Bev joined in for the Thursday run, which took us along the Clarke Quay and Esplanade area...lots of people strolling around the brightly-lit surroundings. Leh-lio joined us for both days of running, and she is really serious about the upcoming AHM...good. More runners will be appearing at MF as we kickstart the 2month training program for AHM, with 2 additional trainers Ricci and Jimmy Chow.

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