Sunday, June 24, 2007

Final weekend run before Ipoh

My new Pearl Izumi FLOAT2

Just a small group today at SAFRA MF, most of us preparing for upcoming runs on July 3...Gold Coast Marathon, Ipoh Half Marathon, MR25 25km Progressive Run. It was a hot and mental run which took us along Portsdown Road, Dover Road, the Canal... Since it was to be about 18km, I attempted to run a tempo pace and see how far I could keep at it.

By the time I finished the canal stretch (about 13km mark), my body felt heated up...I had to stop for a drink at Buona Vista MRT's toilet, and took some time to cool down. The remaining 5km along Commonwealth, Alexandra Road and back Depot Road was really mental. I could feel the tiredness in my legs, which apparently was affected in part by Thursday's hard trackout workout. I persevered till the end, in spite of the heat, and was glad to hit the ClubHouse in about 1hr30min. Saw Bug stretching down, and he too felt aches in his legs from Thurday's trackwork. The rest of the runners came back soon.

After a good rest, Bug, DO and I had a nice coffee and breakfast at Ah Kun, before proceeding to Uncle Chan's shop at Queensway Shopping Centre. I got my Pearl Izumi FLOAT2 (a cushioned shoe quite similar to ASICS Nimbus) using the running voucher which I won at the recent MF Challenge, to get about 50% discount. The shoes certainly look good, and I cannot wait to take it out for its maiden run.

Distance: 18km__Time: 1hr35min__Pace: 5:17min/km


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