Friday, June 22, 2007

1.5 weeks to Ipoh

Its just 1.5weeks for my trip to Ipon to do the Half Marathon. It will be my first trip to Ipoh, and plans are for a nice relaxing time with lots of good food, and lazing at Cameron Highlands after the race. Training runs at SAFRA MF continue at lesser intensity as a number prepare for Gold Coast Marathon, Ipoh Half Marathon and MR25 Progressive Run, all on July 3.

Bev joined us for a 12km run into Labrador Park on Tuesday. It had been some time since the SAFRA gang went into the nice route. Many of the new runners were impressed with the nice place... spotted some people running loops around the larger confines, carrying haversacks... reminded me of Climbathon training (minus the haversacks) last year... not sure if they belong to this year's cohort (understand there are many ghurkas in the team now). Bev ran a good, steady pace throughout, and some people were impressed with her pace in spite of being a newbie in choice, she has to ramp up for AHM in 2months lah.

Thursday's evenings track intervals at Queenstown saw about half of Tuesday's crowd. On the way to Queenstown Stadium, spotted Ultraman zipping by....managed to shout, and he acknowledged while continuing his QL4 pace...hehe. I did a slow 7:03min for the first 1.6km lap as a warm-up. Tried to maintain a sustainable pace for the next 5 laps of 800m, and completed in 3:12, 3:10, 3:08, 3:11, 3:06. Was pretty happy with the hard workout, but my calves were so 'sng' and tired that they almost gave way on the 4km recovery run back to clubhouse. Somebody asked if I run almost everyday....nope, I need recovery days in between, and I run an average of 3-4 times a week, with 2-3 tempo runs, and 1-2 recovery runs in between.... there will be the odd 5-day run in a week, but thats because the runs were shorter in distances, and I slot in an additional run...I want to remain a easy and carefree runner :)

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