Tuesday, July 24, 2007

1200m intervals

Had a change of menu at the Queenstown Stadium for the MF interval training, organized by Ricci. This was the first time we were doing 4 x 1,200m track intervals, which I thought was more suitable for distance runners. As usual, we did 4km jog from ClubHouse to the stadium. There was a large turnout of SAFRA runners. The stadium track was also abuzz with many other runners doing their ninja training...a few nice legs with good strides boosted the enthusiam...hehe.

I did the the following lap timings:
Lap 1 (1,200m) : 5min
Lap 2 (1,200m) : 4:55min
Lap 3 (1,200m) : 4:50min
Lap 4 (1,200m) : 4:50min

Wong, Trevor and myself were running most of the laps at around the same pace, with the two of them always finishing a few seconds in front of me. I tried to sustain a steady pace, and I think I met my objective in the end. I still had a little reserve in the end to bring me back along the 4km route back to the ClubHouse.

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