Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Maiden Velocity Run

It was a fruitful Tuesday evening as I popped over for the Nike Sale (where I got another new pair of running shoe, Nike Air Zoom Katana IV), signed up for the New Balance 15km Run, collected my certificate from RL for the Saucony Passion Run, and of course, joined in the nice running group of RL@Velocity for my maiden Velocity Run.

Air Zoom Katana IV

There were about 20 runners...I heard the best turnout so far....and a lot of fast runners to boot. I had a good time running into Malcolm Road estate, along some rollling slopes, and keeping a watchful eye for the front runners of A-Yin, tktan. DO and Fennel were also around and enjoying the tempo pace. Once out of Malcolm area, and hitting Lornie Road, I was told to continue. Somewhere in front was an overhead bridge which we were supposed to take, and that was where I lost the front group for a bit, as I headed towards the nursery area along Thomson Road.

I turned back, waited for a bit, and then saw Fennel crossing the bridge. I signalled her to move on, while I waited for the rest. Along came Brokie and 2 other guys. Together we went over and took the slope up was rather short, more like the slope at Labrador Park...nevertheless, a nice run up and then down. These areas reminded me a little about NUS Hills area. As we moved on, I waited at a more secluded and confusing area, before joining up with Brokie and finishing the final 1km back to Velocity @ Novena Square.

It was a nice run for me, followed by nice makan and chit-chat about some of the fun and 'muddy' runs we have had....and that sortta led us to plan for a Ubin run/trek/makan on National Day...looking forward to the nature in Ubin...

Distance: 11km__Time: 55min__Pace: 5min/km

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