Thursday, August 09, 2007

National Day activities

Did a short 8km run with the RL @ Velocity group on Tuesday, The route took us to the old SMU track where I did 4 laps and met many MR25 members doing their ninja track training. The Velocity group really live up to their name....high velocity....they always run very fast...phew. After the run, DO and I rushed down to meet the SAFRA MF gang to celebrate 4 persons birthday at the Bali Seafood Village in Gillman heights area...very good food...another cake...good to meet up with running friends whom we have not seen in a while :)

Did the NUS Hill Run 12km route with xdd, tktan, takashi, Brokie, DO, leh-lio...all very steady and able distance runners. It was a very enjoyable but by no means slacking run, what with the likes of Brokie and leh-lio keeping up the fast pace. Vigilante Drive and PGP slopes gave them a run for the money, and all came away very satisfied...we will consider having part of this route to be in Laksa Run 2. After the run, we had nice Malaysian fare at the Guild House Restaurant...very nice durian & green bean soup dessert...yummilicious....burp!

We almost had our Thursday Ubin outing cum recce spoilt by early rains, but patience prevailed, and we were rewarded with an excellent day of biking and visiting at 'happening' Ubin. Since no other runners joined in other then the Brokie family, we did not run but bike the relief of my dear trekking kakis and old friends...had a great time catching up with Chee Cheong, Stephen, Westly and family, Thomas and family, Brokie and family. The walk and exploration of Chek Jawa was interesting. We had a hilarious episode at the First Stop Restaurant, although we did not get to taste the highly recommended Mee Goreng and Chilli Crab. We visited many places, and I am sure Ubin offers at least a 20km concrete route, topped with another 20km of trail roads.

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