Friday, August 03, 2007

Bev's first intervals

Bev managed to join the SAFRA gang for Queenstown interval training on Thursday evening. I thought the training would help her build up a little speed, and experience what formal training would be like. With the advent of AHM07, there were a few new runners joining in as well. We did an easy 4km jog from ClubHouse to Queenstown Stadium. Lots of runners were already on the tracks doing their own ninja runs...wah, all serious!

Led by trainer Bug, we were to do 4 x 1,200m laps, with 3min rest in between laps. The 4:30-5:30 group would start 30secs later than the 5:30-6:30 group. This evening's laps were more 'chuan' as I had less rest in between laps, because the trainer ensured each group took their 3min rest dutifully, not too long. I did an average of 5min for all 4laps, and Bev did a respectable 2laps of 6min pace, rested for a lap, and then took a remaining half lap....very good for a first timer to such training. Leh-lio was very fast, doing an average 5:15-5:30 3laps.

We discussed a little about marathon requirements on the way back, and I thought leh-lio had a good chance of achieving her 4:15-4:30 marathon target at SCSM07. Bev had such a hard workout that she was hit by 3 cramps after the training....haha....must be real tough training. She enjoyed it, but would need to take a good rest to recuperate.

Found some time this evening to take my new Nike Air Katana IV for a test run. The forefoot cushion was good, and the shoes felt light and airy....could do with more heel cushioning, but sufficient for 10-15km....quite happy with this pair of racer, my first Nike pair :)

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